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 BEAUTY (noun) 
the qualities that give deep satisfaction to the mind or the senses.

love to mankind; benevolence toward the whole human family; universal good will; desire and readiness to do good to all men;


The mission of The Beauty of Philanthropy is to bring together local charities and professionals in the Beauty, Wellness and Fashion Industry, to Do Something Beautiful" for disadvantaged and at-risk children to promote healthy lifestyles and self-esteem.

Our vision is to connect with young people in need to empower them to look and feel better about themselves while renewing their pride and dignity. 

While reinforcing that there is nothing more beautiful than helping others. Beauty isn't just about what's on the outside, but what's on the inside and our commitment to make our community a better place.

"One thing that is apparent about our community is that our young people usually look the way they feel inside." - Kirk Brown HANDY


So we invite you to join The Beauty of Philanthropy and make a diffrence as you share your talent and resources.

The Beauty of Philanthropy Personal Grooming & Mentoring Program is growing everyday, and welcomes schools, charities, social service agencies and service providers into the program.

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