Procedures for Participating Charities, Social Service Agencies & Schools

  1. Program Statement

    The Beauty of Philanthropy Grooming & Mentoring Program provides gift certificates for grooming and wellness services to disadvantage youth who would otherwise be unable to obtain these services.

  2. Determining Eligibility

    1. The client must live at or below 100% of the federal poverty level.

    2. The client must be in obvious need of service.

    • The client has not had a non chemical service (braids haircut or press & curl) from anyone for at least (4) weeks.

    • The client has not had a chemical service for at least three (3) months.

    3. First Priority for Certificates

    Disadvantage Children

    *Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for elderly, or disadvantage adults

    going on job interviews. Whenever possible please direct clients to Beauty Anatomy

    Institute of Cosmetology and Wellness.

  3. Services Honored by The Beauty of Philanthropy

    a. Haircuts

    b. Press & Curls

    c. Permanent Waves

    d. Relaxers

    e. Simple Braids/Cornrows- by appointment

  4. Services NOT Honored by The Beauty of Philanthropy

    a. Hair color

    b. Locks

    c. Permanent waves for hair below the shoulder

    d. Hair straightening for Caucasian hair

    e. Jheri curls

    f. Chemical services (ex. perms or relaxers) for boys or men

  5. FAQ

    • Certificates can not be used in addition to paid services.

    (For example presenting a certificate for a relaxer and paying for hair color)

    • Only females 12 years of age or older may receive a certificate for a perm or a relaxer.

    • Recipient’s of certificate must adhere to the policies of the provider.

    • Only authorized signers from participating schools, charities, or agencies can distribute certificates to clients.

    • Authorized signers must circle only one service and date and sign the certificate.

    • Inform the client that the certificate must be used within two weeks.

    • Decide with the client which provider they will go for service.

    • Write the name, phone number and address of the provider on the certificate.

    • After the gift certificate is completed and signed by schools, charities, agencies personnel, keep the white copy for the schools, charities, agencies records.

    • Give the remaining yellow and pink copies to the client to take to the Provider.

    • After each certificate is written, fill in Record of Distribution

    • Fill in the date and first and last name of the certificate recipient; using a check mark, mark the services you circled on the certificate.

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